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June 29th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 20:00 My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Kelly Clarkson (34), Kingmaker (19) and James (17) #mm bit.ly/czMqSW #
  • 21:52 @CherryBear is he STILL on? Didn't we crash and burn!? #
  • 13:12 @CherryBear oh wow... That's scary, maybe I have a new superpower :D #
  • 13:51 @misterphipps to be fair to it, the £8 one did look much more impressive #notsurewhyIcare #
  • 14:22 nothing quite like full blast @kelly_clarkson to get the motivation going #femalegayman #bounce #
  • 14:24 i should probably go sort out the GP rather than hunt out my sewing machine, right? #sonothappening #
  • 14:25 @moogal still don't believe she doens't hook up mind you, you'd just have to if you toured that much, right?! #
  • 15:05 apparently my problem when trying to crochet (aside form the stupidly tight tension) is I can't count... not sure why... #
  • 15:07 (tension is so tight I'm having to use a cable needle to get the hook into previous row... have been assured it'll ease as i relax more!) #
  • 15:15 @moogal nope, apparently it's my translation of the sodding pattern instructions.... DOH! #
  • 15:16 fucksocks, someone who actually crochets has confirmed that it's me being stupid, time to rip back then #
  • 15:17 @alexmatthews do you NOT have whiteboards at home?! #
  • 15:18 @alexmatthews @keybuk @moogal we have 3 (A4) ones, stupidly useful #
  • 15:22 @alexmatthews nooooo, lists, to-dos, reminders, rota (who's in for tea/feeding cats) as well! #
  • 15:31 @alexmatthews hehe, go to wilkos/smiths/rymans, you can get cheapo A4 one easily, start small ;) #
  • 15:35 @KnittedMoomin yeah, this is amigurumi, so i'm less bothered by the fabric tension, and more about my sore fingers ;) #
  • 15:35 @alexmatthews i'm assuming even you had to work up from smaller sizes :p #
  • 17:45 hmmm... does anyone remember which box I put my sewing machine in??? #movinghousefail #
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June 28th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 18:42 @katebevan oh god... must go cook.... can't stop reading.... #evilkate #
  • 19:38 Hottest day of the year so far, so obviously I'm baking! #yourwifeisawesome #
  • 19:42 @iainbhx the annoying part is it's not even for me/us to eat, tis for O to take to work! salad is the green stuff I throw out, right? ;) #
  • 19:43 Flat has been swamped by the smell of chemical chocolately goodness #cakemix #notrealbaking #itwasapresent #
  • 19:50 @Saffy haha, see, that's acceptable! Where as I don't (yet) have that excuse! O needs cakes for work tomorrow, figured it was 'good enough'! #
  • 19:51 @iainbhx I don't mind hearty and healthy, but salad's a bit, meh for me, better than I used to be, but love my stodge #
  • 00:37 @helenduffett try explaining it using bacon fat as an example, he can see how that's tasty, no? #
  • 01:37 @angusprune bit.ly/a73LIx #
  • 01:48 I have heat rash, on the top of my foot, wtf!? Warmer body parts I could understand, but I don't even have on footwear daily atm! #itch #
  • 02:01 I think my phone's caught on to the fact that it's being replaced.... instead of rebooting randomly it now just turns off in defiance... #
  • 02:06 oh, it's also refusing to email photos for me too, am waiting for it to cackle then explode in my hands... #
  • 10:55 @maggiephilbin stand with your back to the big council building, front to fountain, look left, coffee! :D #
  • 10:57 hmm... incoming parent is delayed, bus decided not to turn up, she's currently trying to entertain 2 toddlers.. #
  • 11:37 at what point, in a collection of flats, do you bundle up the cats & evacuate for a fire? (neighbours alarm's going, smoke, smells of food) #
  • 11:38 i mean, i do think it's just a burnt food incident, but how do you know?! i may have to talk to neighbours at this rate, ergh #
  • 11:45 @stuartford pretty sure he's ok, could hear swearing and tea towel wafting, it was more a thought for future incidents #
  • 11:51 well, if the flats are burning down it's tough, mother just turned into our road! #ohshit #
  • 14:38 Right, that's the parental visit over, now to clean up the choc cake from, well, everywhere #
  • 14:39 Should also attempt to prise the cats from their hiding places too, might give them a it and see if they appear before bribing #
  • 14:41 Oddly, replacement phone arrived during visit, (baby) nephew does NOT like doorbells apparently... oops! (it wasn't due till tomorrow) #
  • 16:50 @Puddytatpurr dairy tends to be stomach/sinus, though everyone is diff obv! Is it localised? I get Dyshidrosis in heat bit.ly/blPA7h #
  • 16:57 Things I have learnt today: I have the same taste in footwear as a 3 yr old girl #oops bit.ly/bvMxjB #
  • 17:51 Just changed the angle of the fan... cat fluff EVERYWHERE #oops #livingwithcats #
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June 27th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 19:30 Replacement phone ordered, Dr Who enjoyed, Chinese ordered, beer about to be opened #weekendwin #
  • 00:53 @jogbert I know you use cedar to prevent, and once infested you have to freeze their babies!! (for at least 4 days) #
  • 00:54 @jogbert they thrive in undisturbed stuff, hence the wool they'd settled in was 'unwanted' stuff so not messed with for ages #
  • 00:55 @jogbert oh, and keep stuff pristine! I know these came in with 2nd hand yarn (that item was sorted a while back) #
  • 01:38 don't you hate it when a song you loved (& still think is beautiful) makes you mourn for someone you know was an spiteful bitch? #justmethen #
  • 02:10 @seldo I can safely assume this is not in London, right?! #sadface #
  • 02:24 "God only knows" has to be an almost perfect song, seriously people, either the Beach boys original or Jonatha Brooke, go listen! #
  • 02:28 (though for the love of anything holy, stay away from the Bowie cover, bloody awful) #
  • 02:30 @seldo probably for the best, I come over quite lesbian when faced with the lovely Alison #weakathteknees #
  • 02:35 I REALLY want to punch Jamie Cullum #hadthechanceandmissedit #
  • 14:17 Right, that's the flat clean ready for the maternal visit in the morning! #nervousenergy #
  • 14:17 oh, 1st time in 10 years she's visited my home btw, hence the nerves) #
  • 14:49 oh ffs, just plugged in network cable and now i can't connect to network pcs. Was fine using wireless...! going to crochet instead #geekfail #
  • 14:54 @Puddytatpurr nothing to be ashamed of, acrylic has it's place! I keep a range of colours in for toys/kids stuff/ppl i think won't handwash #
  • 17:49 hmm... apparently if you don't attach those wires things correctly your speakers crackle like fuck when you play 90s grunge loudly... #
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June 26th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 19:34 After being such a lush earlier, I have now set up hubby's computer, obvious problem with this is I'm currently using the desk for my laptop #
  • 19:36 it's a safe bet that if someone's at Glasto they'll not be logged into an account online, right? (only 1 IP can log in, he allows me to use) #
  • 21:02 @audra_williams that's awesome, I love the bit where it says "the women seemed a tad stunned" :D #g8 #
  • 21:22 The cat keeps cleaning his paw, then cleaning my arm. It both tickles and is slightly too rough #
  • 21:30 @Suw haha I've got haddock marinating atm, so the flat stinks of fish anyway :D #
  • 00:48 @CherryBear very belatedly, but I can't see the point of James Corden either :) #
  • 00:54 @CherryBear haha, not sure my degree tutors would agree, but as it's 1am I'll take it! #howveryunbritish #
  • 00:55 Confused, and very flattered, by a mass of ff recommending me... *waves shyly* #
  • 00:58 @CherryBear Not yet, I keep turning the tv over when he comes on, else the rage would take over... suspect they are cat lovers! #
  • 00:59 tune shuffle win, suede, followed by @kelly_clarkson, followed by @mrjimBob (slightly odd, but very me!) #
  • 01:03 @CherryBear mmmmm... tv's Richard Hammond... I love his voice, nearly as much as tv's David Tennant (omnomnom) #iblamethesummer #
  • 01:04 @davebrum I visited next door to you! But you were away #
  • 01:07 @CherryBear yeah, it was VERY obvious that the beeb went "pls don't sue us even though we nearly killed you, here, have work!" #
  • 01:12 @CherryBear hur, I just had to look him up, apparently he did the stuff I just don't watch! #
  • 01:20 @CherryBear I rarely see ads anymore, advantages of Tivo-a-like pc set up! & never got into strictly, or watch sports stuffs unless hub does #
  • 01:24 @CherryBear we rarely watch 'live' tv anymore, during the day I'm a radio person, and tivo-alike (mythtv), iplayer, 4od fill most our needs #
  • 01:25 @davebrum I did mainly come for the gig, arrangements were quite last minute aside from "we're coming up" :D #
  • 01:31 @CherryBear it wouldn't surprise me if we start seeing more in-prog placements, only way we can't avoid ads, no? #
  • 01:38 @CherryBear oh gawd, that'd be hell! (and is also why 'ppl' tend to download films they already own so they don't have to watch the nags!) #
  • 01:39 @CherryBear *other* ppl, you understand, not me, I'd never do that your honour #
  • 01:44 @CherryBear I think in-prog/sponsors are the only way they can sustain the current model. they really need to get a new model... #
  • 12:45 watching @hollywills squealing over strawberry/cream dessert, so cute :D #
  • 16:04 dear moths, FUCK YOU!!!! YOU WILL NOT WIN! no love, the woman who just killed your babies, again #traumaticdiscovery #ilovemyyarn #
  • 16:04 in much nicer news, the bulk of my "everyday" yarn is now unpacked #
  • 16:07 @katebevan ooh! Boots! Thank you! (knew there was something @owenblacker wanted/needed to do today, he has no shampoo!) #lametweets #
  • 16:11 @jogbert yeah, they destroy wool fibres quite efficiently. Not so good when your wool is worth £100s... #
  • 16:11 @jogbert (£100s is a conservative estimate... am too scared to actually work out how much I own...) #
  • 16:12 @Puddytatpurr nothing that I can't toss away, mainly swatches, or projects I'd fallen out of love with!! #thanktheknittinggods #
  • 16:15 @Puddytatpurr I'm calmed by the fact that I've finally unpacked my yarn stash (well, the main part, the stuff i use for everyday stuff) #
  • 17:05 attempting to justify replacing all our pans... they DO need replacing, but seems so indulgent :-/ #johnlewissale #
  • 17:08 @gayrath that's the frustrating part, the ones I'm replacing ARE good pans, they've just been mistreated... (like for like = £150) #
  • 17:11 @gayrath I have now banned metal (they're non-stick), and promised death to anyone even thinking of putting a knife near! #
  • 17:21 must not buy train cake pan, must not buy train cake pan #johnlewissale #
  • 17:22 bit.ly/b4p2Uc #choochoo #
  • 17:43 Twitter peeps, I should stump up the extra £30 and get named brand, not JL own brand, right....? #
  • 17:44 @gayrath I can't lift them :p We currently have Meyer, which I do love, they're just scratched to buggery #
  • 17:46 @KnittedMoomin Saucepans, pondering getting Meyer over JL own brand #
  • 17:56 @lordofmisrule Branded = Meyer, which is who we currently have. I REALLY want the bug pan, but out of stock bit.ly/91RJXA #sulk #
  • 18:00 @lordofmisrule yeah, I'll abuse them quite badly, aside from anything I make toffee/fudge quite a lot! #
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June 25th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 18:04 Not only does that box have my straighteners in, it also has Haribo, repeat prescript, fave needles and emergency wool #bestboxeva #
  • 21:08 @Funkangel omg, have you just got access to twitter again?! :p #
  • 22:39 @katebevan haha, @owenblacker just shouted that at the tv... :D #
  • 23:08 @CherryBear 2-1 to the Netherlands #
  • 23:08 @CherryBear report/highlights here bit.ly/aLufle </librarian> #
  • 23:09 @CherryBear it's like an inbuild relfex, someone asks for info, I have to provide #OCDlibrarian #itsmysuperpower #
  • 23:13 @CherryBear hehe, just don't abuse the power my son, with every use it weakens... #waxonwaxoff #
  • 00:11 @edwardclarke as he should be, the quote about schools/west indian mums is a shocking one! #thisweek #
  • 00:16 @edwardclarke I think she tried to justify her hypocrisy with a comment that's hard to criticize without discussing race #thisweek #
  • 00:17 @edwardclarke if it were a statement from facists about white parents you/we'd be up in arms. Therefore unacceptable #thisweek #
  • 00:24 @edwardclarke if it were an interpretation of what she said, I would to, but a direct quote, at best makes her look naive, at worse stupid #
  • 00:24 @edwardclarke (and yet I still think she's the best candidate, it should be noted I'm NOT a Labour supporter though) #
  • 00:26 @edwardclarke you can probably tell from my avatar where my loyalties (still) lie ;) #
  • 00:53 Cat: *on airer* Owen: *lifts cat off* Cat: *goes round other side, gets back on* Owen: *lifts cat off* (I think Owen'll lose this game...) #
  • 11:39 @amandeepr oooh, nice!! (assuming all went well btw?) #
  • 11:47 @Puddytatpurr bit.ly/bsbF0N All you need to know :) (though bit.ly/a6mx4y is also handy) #
  • 12:07 @Suw goin to Bravissimo was one of the best things I ever did, I now own bras that are actually comfy! #
  • 12:24 @Suw sadly their clothes don't fit my arms, though I keep meaning to try their strappy tops! #
  • 13:14 I was planning on going the park today, but i think it might actually be too hot.. :-/ #ihatesummer #
  • 13:22 @davebrum yeah, i'd need to cover self in lotion, hat, pack stick, water, something to do, shades. or sit on balcony! #
  • 13:22 @davebrum I know O wants to pop over there, so he can help me carry the mass of stuff tomorrow, gets him off unpacking some stuff! #
  • 13:33 Virgin have asked "how we did" on the recent install... Well, shit actually, and the heat makes me ratty, so I'll rant on your survey ta! #
  • 13:34 (that should be 'more ratty than usual', obv) #
  • 13:37 aaah, the beach boys, way to choose one of my best tunes absolute fm! #godonlyknows #yayforoddrelationships #
  • 13:40 @owenblacker @angusprune you know we have a book intitled "1000 things to do in London", right? it may have some ideas... #mywifeisawesome #
  • 13:48 screw this, i'm going to sit on the balcony and read #mylifeissohard #
  • 13:48 (is it too early to crack open a beer?) #
  • 13:51 @lordofmisrule my 'cooking beer' is Carlsberg :p #
  • 13:51 @owenblacker well, it's not chilled... but it will be refreshing! #
  • 13:59 @lordofmisrule I used to work for Carlsberg UK, so have a soft spot for them #
  • 13:59 @RevKevKing I don't really like wine :-/ it's "posh" beer though... #
  • 14:02 you're all complete lushes and i love it! this is my beer of choice, nice and light, www.bateman.co.uk/Beers/btcharvest.htm #
  • 16:35 @Suw mmmmm.... crumpets.... #
  • 16:35 @Suw sorry, that was meant to say "how can either of them ever be wrong?" #
  • 17:00 kitchen still smells of cinnamon from last nights dinner. 1 of the few benefits to dodgy insulin #cinnamonwin #
  • 17:07 @moogal I'm encouraged to have it often, it's thought to help with the insulin shite I have, ditto oats. om nom nom #
  • 17:07 @moogal (it was on french toast last night, we have an abundance of bread, eggs and milk!) #
  • 17:09 @gayrath that you either need to stop saying 'fuck' and posting cock pics, or set up a limited profile #
  • 17:11 @moogal heh, it's terrible, i have to have oatibix with cinnamon on #omnomnom it's one of the few parts that doesn't suck! #
  • 17:11 @moogal beetroot is another nice part, LOVE beetroot soup #
  • 17:14 @moogal oh no, i don't like it outside of soup, but hot beetroot soup, OH MY GOD! had some and was smitten #
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June 24th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 18:05 Also, 6 pack of cheese and onion crisps, neither of us like them, ex-housemate ate them... sigh, sibling invite coming up...! #
  • 18:32 @lordofmisrule the freezer's now full of milk... gah, if @owenblacker liked bread pudding we could OD on that...! such an annoying fail #
  • 18:34 In much nicer news, I think I've decided on the setting I want for my ring, ignore the price tag/place it's from... bit.ly/cKwwVk #
  • 18:50 (I also now have 4 extra bottles of beer, oh no, how hard is this life etc etc) #housewifefail #
  • 18:53 @lordofmisrule actually, the 2 non-seeded loaves will make good breadcrumbs... and doesn't matter if they stale.. #semiwin #
  • 23:24 @binny_uk I LOVE PARMA VIOLETS!! #
  • 23:27 @Puddytatpurr what WERE you watching?!? Radio times says it was QI....! #
  • 00:48 @binny_uk hehe, nah, I'm not *that* desperate for some... just wanted to show them some love :D (oddly, my mum craved them whilst preggers) #
  • 00:54 @binny_uk I should probably add that it's only me and her in the family that like them, and her only since being preggers with me :p #
  • 12:01 aaw, I love www.plaguerats.co.uk all 3 cat currently high as kites, rolling around the floor like mad things :D #catsondrugs #
  • 12:32 @Puddytatpurr they're awesome, I have to shut them away in tupperware else they'd be constantly high!! #
  • 12:35 cats now all lolling around on soft furnishings like aging hippies... #catsondrugs #
  • 13:05 @lordofmisrule melba toast always tastes slightly stale, even if only made 5 minutes ago #
  • 13:16 Have to turn radio off before talk about IVF parents being selfish/world being over populated drives me mad.. surely WANTED kids better, no? #
  • 13:17 (not that we're going the IVF route, but ffs!) #haveturnedoffradionow #
  • 13:22 @moogal just drives me mad that families who HAVE to consider help are 'selfish', where as others can pop em out! #
  • 13:23 @moogal having to think it over lots = less selfish, not more! you consider more angles (as a rule) #
  • 13:24 Spotify is playing almost constant Miley at me... #oops #itsguessingwell #
  • 13:25 @Saffy just bugs me that some can pop out 10 kids without thought, but we who have to think are the selfish ones :-/ #
  • 13:25 @gayrath I do that, but then I is cripple :p #lazypeople #
  • 13:26 @gayrath (though I am a lazy cripple... so...) #lazypeople #
  • 15:15 @Saffy yeah, starting the adoption application soon... #meep #
  • 17:07 @davebrum IMHO adoption is a better route than IVF, but I can understand the bio desire for own kid & wouldn't sneer if someone chose that #
  • 17:08 today is a day of frustrations, even an ep of @queenofshops hasn't helped :-/ (Maher & sons, WTF?!) #
  • 17:11 @binny_uk the greengrocers one was great! I'd missed the 1st ep, was really looking forward to it, but how frustrating! #
  • 17:25 I HAVE FOUND MY HAIR STRAIGHTENERS!! #youcanallrelaxnow #icangooutinpublicagain #
  • 17:45 hmm... my mum's visiting my house for 1st time in about 10 yrs... i should probably tidy up, right? #fucksocks #
  • 17:51 @owenblacker oh god, not till Monday, she's not THAT insane, she knows I'd tidy like a mad thing first!! #
  • 17:51 dear drivers with road rage outside the window, stop beeping your horns, you just woke the cats up, kthxbai #
  • 17:53 @owenblacker she's bringing 2 toddlers + 1 baby though, so we have to kid-proof over the weekend... !!!! #
  • 17:55 The main downside to showering right now is I'll need to shut windows/doors in case Emo-kitty does a leaping act again! #
  • 18:04 Not only does that box have my straighteners in, it also has Haribo, repeat prescript, fave needles and emergency wool #bestboxeva #
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June 23rd, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 18:21 @jun6lee i'm a straight black coffee girl, it exposes any flaws! I do like chai though, will try that next time, ta #
  • 18:23 @KnittedMoomin he's been ok with windows, have been supervising balcony time, but there's a blind spot i couldn't see :-( #
  • 19:36 Cat was VERY excited to see me home, no idea why... she looks oddly fed up now I've not produced whatever it was she was waiting on...! #
  • 19:38 D'oh, obviously it's food she's after!! Totally forgot to feed them being popping out #badmummy #
  • 19:38 being? before! #
  • 20:08 @katebevan my latest one didn't arrive until about 3 weeks before previous was due to expire (7 working day for new card, so mid July=panic) #
  • 20:17 so frigging tired, this "leaving the house" thing wipes me out :-/ take away again tonight then!! #recoveringslowly #itllgetbettersoonright? #
  • 21:08 have just let the cats outside again, Emo staying inside, think it really shook him up earlier :-/ #
  • 21:18 @katebevan totally and utterly! Just coaxed him out there with kitty grass, he'll do almost anything for food :D #
  • 21:21 @katebevan Sookie's quite a glutton, but she was stray for a while, if Davina was human she'd be an anorexic teen...! #
  • 21:23 @CherryBear @katebevan oh gawd, NEVER miss caffeine unless you're purposely giving it up, worse withdrawal than nicotine!! #
  • 21:27 @katebevan Sookie's more about the timing of food, if she doesn't get it when it's due she gets all out of sorts! V autistic, even for a cat #
  • 21:28 @CherryBear never neglect the coffee, it's an unforgiving taskmaster... #nonotaddictedhonestwhydoyouask #
  • 21:30 I need to clean my (expensive) silver necklace... thinking of trying the salt/foil method, should I wimp out and take to jewellers? #lazyweb #
  • 21:34 (it should be noted that I'd be devastated if it was damaged, money and sentimental values both high) #lazyweb #
  • 21:36 talking of jewellery, can anyone recommend a ring maker in London? Already have the gem, need ring made/gem set #
  • 21:45 @katebevan shameless plugs are ideal! would much rather use someone small/artisan. ta :) #shamelessplug #
  • 21:49 @katebevan it is lovely! Simple and elegant, just what I'm after :D will email her once I've looked at some design ideas :D #
  • 21:56 @Suw heh, this is to get my engagement ring made! Have had the diamond since before we were wed, 2nd anniv next month...! #
  • 12:18 oh ffs, did anyone see where I put my meds yesterday?!? #needmorecoffee #
  • 12:29 I've started opening O's 'official' mail without guilt, he doesn't care, a sign of relaxed in a relationship?! (didn't do it with exs) #
  • 12:30 (by official I mean bills, things not hand written, nothing that might be personal/private!) #
  • 13:09 finally set my laptop up on the desk in the living room, back thanking me already, it's next to an open window, & can see all balcony #WIN #
  • 13:32 @Zombie_Claire can you get iplayer? they're probably streaming it on there (if you don't auto get it, do you have Firefox?) #
  • 13:33 @Zombie_Claire full instructions here bit.ly/cZjJnt (I'm assuming you're in France atm?) #
  • 13:37 @Zombie_Claire bugger :( stoopid kids! :D #
  • 13:37 @Zombie_Claire can you not enforce a nap time?? :D #
  • 13:40 @Zombie_Claire hehe, POKE HIM NOW! #willbesuchanevilmum #
  • 13:48 @owenblacker tsk, you SO don't care :p #
  • 13:50 From now on Sookie-cat will be known as Whiny #loveherreally #
  • 14:17 @Suw I didn't get anything as romantic as a proposal, we decided over the washing up 8-) #
  • 15:06 OH MY GODS IT'S HOT!! #ihatesummer #
  • 15:16 Dear Nielsen, pls a) employ ppl with non-strong accents to call ppl and b) inform them when an important national sporting event is on! #
  • 15:17 @owenblacker it's currently 26C/46% here.... #
  • 15:22 @Zombie_Claire We scored! #
  • 15:22 @Zombie_Claire Defoe, in case you care #
  • 15:25 *peers at landline* SO not answering that now, it'll be sodding Nielsen again!! #
  • 15:36 right, going to sit on sofa for a bit, which means no laptop, but does mean lunch! #
  • 16:03 pimped the chicken/bacon butty O left for me, pastrami/chicken so much tastier #omnomnom (it's wrong to just eat leftover pastrami, right?) #
  • 16:35 Kitty grass is apparently a win flic.kr/p/8cHJ6t #
  • 17:02 @lordofmisrule heh, ours vom all the time anyway, long haired see, hoping this'll ease the "HAAAAAACK" #catslovegrass #
  • 17:13 @Zombie_Claire Sunday (afternoon I think) #
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June 22nd, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 19:05 @KnittedMoomin oh not mean, just can't comprehend how a couple can be a couple, yet not have sex (well, with each other..!). #
  • 19:06 @KnittedMoomin They tend to assume we're just close friends, but it's so much more than that! #
  • 19:47 My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Garbage (12), Lush (5) and The Sleeper (5) #mm bit.ly/czMqSW #
  • 22:44 @KnittedMoomin yeah, just frustrating that they hear 'no sex' and it equates as 'no love', kinda feel sorry for them if love only means sex #
  • 23:08 @misterphipps it's what 'limited profile' was invented for, odds are she'll be none the wiser #
  • 23:10 watching avatar.. so bored... #
  • 23:20 @misterphipps under "edit friends" you can retro-add her to "limited profile" #
  • 23:23 @misterphipps This forum post tells you a bit more www.facebook.com/help/?question=460689 #
  • 23:41 @CherryBear nope... #
  • 23:43 @CherryBear hub is loving it, I'm just bored and it's making me angry!! stupid marine man #
  • 23:53 @CherryBear I refused to pay the £15-odd, hence renting it (from library, £3, win!), @owenblacker is enthralled! #
  • 00:04 @CherryBear it's ok! It's over!!! Need to think of a film to get revenge with now... :D #
  • 00:07 @CherryBear omg, I'm married to a gay man, how will a musical torture him :p #
  • 00:12 jenblower has seen 80 of the @IMDb Top 250 movies. 250.s-anand.net/name/jenblower <-- omg Avatar's shite! #
  • 00:52 In my retro flat, retro ice elephants, courtesy of my big sis @funkangel flic.kr/p/8chneH #
  • 10:10 hmm.. apparently the odd blister/rash thing I get in summer IS caused by the sun, joy. TOLD YOU IT WAS EVIL! #thesunhatesme #
  • 11:02 well, apparently a cat CAN survive a fall from a 2nd floor balcony... #heartinmouth (Emo, obviously) #
  • 11:06 @lordofmisrule yeah, in shock, but fine, sat there and waited for me 8-) #
  • 11:10 @lordofmisrule he's currently hiding in the kitchen, furthest room from the balcony on this floor :D (I am still in PJs too, tsk) #
  • 11:13 @owenblacker @lordofmisrule he'll probably do it once more, but not for a while, think it's friction burned his front paws #
  • 11:15 @moogal no idea, I just heard a squeak/scrabble/Davina ran in, by which time he was crouched and staring up! #
  • 11:15 @owenblacker heh, my first thought, once I saw he was okish, was "omg, not wearing a bra!" #
  • 11:18 @Suw yeah, he seems more dejected than anything! Like his plans have been scuppered! #
  • 11:57 He's now chasing a bottle top around, and occasionally licking his paws, so I suspect the only injury, aside from pride, is friction on paws #
  • 12:07 @lordofmisrule (@caspararemi ) how am I meant to make dumplings!? tsk #
  • 12:08 @caspararemi they have a chemical benefit too when it comes to baking (@lordofmisrule ) #
  • 12:10 @caspararemi No, no irony #
  • 12:10 @caspararemi I wouldn't eat a slab of lard, but then I'd not ban it either. I probably use shortening twice a year #
  • 13:02 hur, just said "see you next Tuesday" to my sister, I DID mean it in a "popping in next week?" way though! #
  • 13:31 both the new shower curtain, and my new shower cap have arrived this morning, is the universe trying to tell me I stink?? #
  • 13:35 ooh, @iaindale is doing the budget show on LBC #
  • 14:02 @Funkangel Yeah, O loved it, but I was bored about 14 hours in.... (ok, maybe an hour in, it's nearly 3 hours long!!) #
  • 14:19 @katybairstow like insurance companies, they want to know you're "responsible" (ie could be a drug lord & pay, but they'd prefer nurses) #
  • 14:19 right, screw this "sitting around doing what I want", I'm going to sit in a hot bank for 3 hours #sigh #
  • 14:21 @katybairstow (I mainly know this from how their eyes light up with joy when you say 'housewife', = looks after home/can afford stuff) #
  • 14:26 @katybairstow heh, I think it's they wanna know you're not "evil", annoying but kinda understandable! ('bbc' & 'IT' also good, apparently!) #
  • 14:42 @katybairstow oh gawd, they should love you then! The nearest I got to actually explaining @owenblacker's job was "IT-computery stuff" :D #
  • 14:42 @katybairstow (I understand what he does, but explaining it to non-geeks is something I just can't do!!) #
  • 14:43 right, am actually going out now, need to buy window boxes in a bid to stop Emo-kitty from pretending to be Juliet again #
  • 15:39 Joy trying to register at gp without photo id, this could prove annoying... #
  • 16:35 Tsk, had to go all pompous and middle class in bank too, just to change my sodding name. Lack of photo id confuses so them much #
  • 16:40 @KnittedMoomin i think he unbalanced, lots of trees/shadows outside, probably trying to get to the shiny!!1!!1 #
  • 16:50 Coffee not partic good, but lovely staff! (@ Esquires Coffee House) 4sq.com/a8woCK #
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June 21st, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 20:24 back home after a lovely bbq with family (& sister's in-laws live round corner from us, so even got a lift back, win!) lovely day :D #
  • 22:28 @LeeBinding because you're really quite gay? #
  • 22:44 @KnittedMoomin @CherryBear is it like this? bit.ly/d4PWPg that sounds nummy! #
  • 23:34 @CherryBear @KnittedMoomin Have just added Oatibix to my food order for tomorrow, see if it works as well! #
  • 11:41 oddly restless & tired at same time, hoping meds/caffeine will kick in shortly & mean i can get the kitchen fully sorted, got baking to do! #
  • 11:41 in much beter news though, my foldable chair's here, which means we can attend picnics now! WOOT! #
  • 11:45 (though I could possibly do with a more butch bloke to carry it, suspect the weight will make @owenblacker whine, lots :p) #
  • 11:58 @owenblacker mostly calling you a wimp :p we'll def have to travel light with it though... #
  • 11:59 latest cat news from the flat: FFFFFLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! #mustclosenetcurtain #
  • 12:03 @owenblacker which means charging your phone and loading it with ebooks!! and possibly space food... #
  • 12:05 @owenblacker (and to be fair, you will have a charged 2nd battery before pride anyway) #
  • 13:16 hmmm... sound on amp/speakers gone all tinny and fuzzy... #iblamethecats #
  • 13:23 Note to self, never trust the one with dodgy hearing to set the speaker system up... #fixed #thingssoundemptywhenspeakersarentswitchedon #
  • 13:25 (though it's still a little fuzzy, but nowhere near as bad) #
  • 13:33 stupid, stupid woman, of course it's fuzzy, for some reason the PC volume was at 100% and trying to do all the work instead of the amp! #doh #
  • 15:16 fricking hell, just went to make bread and realised I have no sodding yeast #doh #newrecipeneeded #
  • 15:19 ah ha ha!! Beer bread needs no yeast! #doublewin #
  • 15:20 ah ha ha!! Beer bread needs no yeast! #doublewin (though does mean 'sacrificing' beer, but doesn't need a full bottle, oh no...) #
  • 15:45 @angusprune blame the solstice, kittens unusually soppy today, keep getting interrupted just for ear scritches #
  • 15:48 obviously, having laundered the bedding once already, I now have to defluff it (again) and launder it (again) #ffs #bloodycats #
  • 15:51 I think it'll be full English for dinner tonight, got some lovely Surrey pork sausages coming, and duck eggs... om nom #
  • 17:23 sigh, I do love it when I'm honest with someone about our arrangement and they don't freak, or assume I'm a fag hag #joy #
  • 18:04 My day has just been totally and utterly made, John Lewis sale starts this month and my much loved china bowls are on sale again, woot! #
  • 18:04 (they're "seconds" that only seem to e available during sale time, tsk) #
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June 20th, 2010

(no subject)

me toddler
  • 20:52 The only way to buy a shower cap is either 'novelty' or '50s glamour', right? #lazyweb #wisdomofcrowds #
  • 20:53 @lordofmisrule the only time I've loved lamb was a slow roasted (half) shoulder, with rosemary and garlic #omnomnom #
  • 21:22 It should be the shocking pink one, right?? bit.ly/9ZNIBK #
  • 21:30 @lordofmisrule haha, I'm much more 20s with actual hats :p This is for "omg I can actually shower without needing 4 hours to dry hair" :D #
  • 21:54 @lordofmisrule this is my current favourite hat bit.ly/boS4dw #
  • 21:55 @lordofmisrule (looks slightly less glam on me, but ho hum flic.kr/p/81u1YL) #willstopspammingnowhonest #
  • 22:01 @lordofmisrule heh, it was about 4am, and my hair was mingy ;p I adore it though, am embracing my inner eccentric Brit :D #
  • 22:02 just set up printer/scanner, did a test scan, Emo now falling asleep whilst stalking the strange noises... :D #
  • 00:24 bit.ly/b0uQSa NEED! #firebox #ninja #
  • 00:53 @KnittedMoomin we're currently enjoying a love fest towards Woking library, it's lovely and airy and has a great craft section! #
  • 11:57 @marcooth the red/blue tartan ones? cheapo type shops, the ones that sell phone cards, or try £1 shops #
  • 11:58 @KnittedMoomin ooh ooh, I know the answer to that one! Emo-kitty! :D #
  • 11:58 @gayrath we're going to a b-b-q-q-q... #
  • 12:09 @KnittedMoomin same as Emo, except he can't meow, so squeaks! #
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